" Washington Rowhouse "  Private Gallery

I have always loved homes. From summer cottages to grand Tudors on a tree lined boulevard, I'm fascinated by their untold stories. When a client brings me a black and white photo with a description of Christmases they remember or summers on the lake, I want to bring back some of those memories. My house portraiture is a bit unique, in that I don't want to create a static architectural view, but rather the view the client remembers. Were there rose bushes along the wrap around porch or a stone path and gazebo in the back year. Maybe there was a stone wall that has long since been torn down. Tell your story and together we'll create an image worthy of that next anniversery gift or parting gift at a closing. Let us know what your needs are and we'll do all in our power to accommodate you.

I am happy to photograph your home in the following localities: Rossford, Perrysburg, Oregon, or Sylvania OHio as well as the Old Orchard, Ottawa Hills, and Old West End areas of Toledo, Ohio. Should you live outside these areas, I'll be happy to work with you online to create a home portrait you'll be proud to share.

                                            "Summer Rental"         "The Secor"                   "First Home"

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"The Keepers House" Marblehead Ohio 

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